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How To Reduce The Wedding Budget

Posted by Susan Cramer in Wedding Tips and Advice

Reduce the wedding budgetPlanning the wedding of your dreams can get expensive. It can be hard to stick to your budget when you want everything to be perfect. However, by following a few of these tips, you should be able to reduce your wedding budget but still manage to have the type of wedding you have always wanted.

  • Switch to email invitations. It’s a sad fact but the majority of your guests will end up throwing away your wedding invitation once the wedding is over. So the best way to reduce the cost of your wedding invitations is by sending out email invitations. You could print out a few invitations for close family and friends and also for you to keep as a memento. Alternatively, if you are having a small wedding then you could make your own invitations as well.
  • Rethink your centrepieces. Using candles instead of flowers will help to reduce your wedding budget. You could also opt for unique handmade centrepieces that would cost less to make. If you are set on having flowers, choose blooms that are in season as this would be a cheaper option.
  • Pick a wedding day that’s off-season. If you get married around peak wedding season, then you will end up spending more than if you chose to get married off-season. Another way to reduce your wedding budget is to pick a weekday instead of a weekend, as most venues tend to have lower prices then.
  • Skip dinner. Instead of having a sit down dinner wedding consider having a brunch, lunch or cocktail style reception. This will help to reduce your budget, as you will be able to get a better deal from your reception venue and caterers.
  • Instead of having a band opt for a DJ. This will not only help to reduce your budget but also keep in mind that a DJ will be able to play all the songs that a band may not be able to.
  • Get close family and friends pitch in. Get the maid of honour and best man to subtly spread the word that instead of gifts from the registry, chipping in to help with the wedding would be more appreciated. For example your friends could all get together and pay for the wedding cake instead of getting you individual gifts.
  • Start the hunt for your wedding dress early. The earlier you start looking, the higher chance there is of you walking away with a discount. If you find a dress you love try it on to make sure it fits and take note of the size. Then look online to see if you can find a cheaper version of it.
  • A great way to reduce your wedding budget is to go to as many wedding expos as you can. You will come across great deals and bargains that will be available only on that day.  You can source wedding expos in your local area at: Wedding Expos

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