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Budget Wedding Cake Ideas

Posted by Susan Cramer in Wedding Tips and Advice

Wedding Cake It is only sensible that you want affordable wedding cake ideas that will be delicious and still look great on your big day.  How much you save does depends on your preference of decorations and baker. Remember that decorations are what will cost you the most as it takes the longest.  You could still have incredible cakes with stunning designs at reasonable cost if you take your time investigating and shop around. Ask your family & friends for recommendations; drop into your local bakeries and make enquiries.

Helpful tips:

  • Ask the baker for taste test
  • Have a sheet cake for cutting and purchase a smaller cake for show.
  • If you want several layers ask your baker if they will decorate false tiers which are normally made out a box or polystyrene. A standard wedding cake will have two to three tiers and the more tiers you have the more you will spend on it.
  • Have a secret segment within a phony cake that you can cut into making it look like you have the actual cake – no one will know the difference!
  • Bake the cake yourself and find a baker who will just decorate the cake for you.
  • Find catering colleges near you. It’s worth enquiring as students are always looking for projects and extra cash.
  • Complicated designs are clearly going to take more time to create and it will most definitely replicate on the cost. Scaling down on the design will save you heaps.  You can always purchase a plain white wedding cake and then decorate it yourself with fresh flowers, fruits & ribbons.  When ordering your wedding flowers, order smaller match up arrangements to embellish your wedding cake.  Purchasing cake flowers as part of your overall order will be cheaper than buying the decorations on its own.  It’s also a beautiful way to coordinate your cake in with your wedding theme.
  • wedding cake topper

  • Supermarkets cakes do taste good and will save you heaps of money. If you want you can decorate it and add your special touch to the cake.
  • The least expensive and the most common type of cake is the sponge cake with basic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or the classic white.
  • The least expensive and the most common type of fillings are the Bavarian, chocolate and the vanilla cream. If you choose to have more than one type of filling it cost you more.
  • Square cakes will give you more serving but a little more expensive as the sides of the cake needs to be built up and sharpened in order to build the square shape. Round cakes are most popular and are the cheapest option but they don’t give you more serving compared to the square cakes. Find a baker that will charge you by the cake rather than by the serving.
  • The cheapest icing type is the butter cream frosting verse the elegant rolled fondant icing.  The butter cream frosting can be infused with flavors of your desire. The rolled fondant icing is about 40% more expensive than butter cream frosting.
  • If you are on a wedding budget you can have the cake served as part of the meal.  When you are budgeting for your wedding cake, remember to decide how and when you want them serve it.  If you decide you want each guest to take a piece home, or want to send cake to people who couldn’t make it to the reception, you will need to budget for the cake boxes as well as the cake itself.  If you want a special elegant knife to cut the cake, ensure that you request this to the venue or your caterer.

It cost heaps to get married these days and we all have a budget when it comes to planning a wedding. Although we girls love shopping, it’s not always easy when it comes to planning your own wedding but it takes lots of patience and time shopping around making enquiries.  It’s helpful to have a wedding planner and a diary to make notes.  Speak to as many people as possible and consider all options.  Remember in this time and age there are no right or wrong ways of how a wedding cake should look or taste like so enjoy exploring your options and making your dream come true without blowing your budget.


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