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Avoiding Problems On The Wedding Day

Posted by Susan Cramer in Wedding Tips and Advice

Avoiding Problems On The Wedding DayFor a bride, it will be exasperating when something goes wrong on their wedding day because every bride would like to have the best wedding as much as possible. It is a single day that takes a lot of planning, effort, and money spent because it’s a day that both wedding parties would want to remember for many years.

So let’s look at some of the major issues that brides face on their wedding day that can be avoided on your big day:

Dress fitting – If you want your beautiful dress fitted on your wedding day, you have to make sure that you will exercise appropriately in order to keep your body at the right proportion.  Work out and eat right.  Ensure you and your wedding party try on the dresses and suites the day before the wedding day and make any finally alterations if required.

Divorced parents – If you’ve got parental problems, do let suppliers know so no one tries to force ex-partners together for the sake of a photograph etc. You need to keep this in mind when you make seating arrangements.  The best way to handle this is by ditching the standard table arrangement and let parents play host at the other tables.

Kids - Be clear on your invitations exactly who is invited so there’s no confusion but be consistent about your decision. If you like organize a supervised room for kids during the ceremony if you’re worried about noise and distractions. Children’s goody bags also help during the reception if you pack them with things to keep them amused.

Double bookings – happens particularly during peak wedding seasons. If you know that another wedding is booked for the same day in the same room as yours, be sure that you specify your exact time – from which hour to which hour you require the room. Remember to allow for enough time to clean-up between weddings.

Extra Charges – When dealing with caterers or reception venues, find out if there are extra charges for things such as set-up and clean-up. Do not be afraid to ask about charges for cake cutting, coat rooms and corkage fees. All costs should be itemized in the contract and request that no additional fees are to be added after these fees have been agreed upon.

Overtime Charges – Always find out about overtime fees. Whether this is for your reception venue, transport or any other service on the day of the wedding – you do not want to be slapped with an unexpected bill for overtime charges.  Play it safe and find out what alternatives you have if your wedding runs overtime.

wedding issuesProducts & Services – before you book or pay for anything make sure you see a sample of the finished product or a able of the service. If you are booking a celebrant, musicians, bands – see if you can visit a couple of their wedding ceremonies or view their sample of work eg albums. Ask around about the work ethics.  Cake & caterings – ensure you test the samples and see a sample of the finished presentation. Flowers, stationeries & dress fabrics – ensure the contracts or bills have the description of the product as well as the colour, texture etc you want.

Run on schedule – ensure you have someone in charge of time for both parties. You would need to find someone who’s been involved in the wedding planning; knows what’s going on and is a good organizer so that she or he is able to manage and get the parties to where they need to be on time. This includes making sure that the makeup is finished on time, photos are taken on time, and transport arrives on time, the bride and groom are at the ceremony and reception on time to start the order of service.

Road & traffic delay – Organize for someone to check on the day whether the route you are going to be travelling on are going to have any road works or delays.

Wedding Night – Ensure you have your bags packed and dropped off at your hotel suite or placed in the boot of the car that you will be travelling in to the hotel.

Weather – Ensure you have adequate large umbrellas, tissues, water bottles, stain free deodorants,

Responsibilities – Allocate responsible people to be in charge of:

  1. Flowers & Attire
  2. Make up
  3. Venue, Cake & Catering
  4. Music
  5. Transportation
  6. Order of Service & Schedule

Essentials – make a list of things that you might need for the day in case you run into a problem. Think of each aspect of the wedding and put together things that you will need.  Eg. When you think of the dress, you may need white, colour thread and needle, glue, scissors, safety pins.  Other things you may also need are soap, hair spray, sponges, hair rollers, pain killers, gastro tablets, tissues, cd player, music cds, camera, battery, champagne, glasses, coffee, lollies, dressing gown, shoe polish, stain remover, ….to get you and your wedding party through the big day.

To make your wedding day enjoyable, stress free and avoid all the potential problems, you need to spend time planning it and take extra measures so that everyone can enjoy the wedding that you are thinking of.


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